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 Welcome to RecipeIndexer, the program for the cook who has a large number of cook-books but a lousy memory.

 This program is meant to help me (and, well, you also - if I ever finish it) to organise my collection of recipes. The problem here is not the management of actual recipes - most of my recipes are organized in the cook-books, brochures, letters, emails etc. they came in. No, the problem here is remembering which recipe is found where. I don't want to rearrange my recipes or copy them to electronical form; I just want to find them. The program should help answer questions like: "Where was that recipe for creamy cauliflower soup?", or "What interesting options are there for lentils?" and even "My wife feels like Thai. Now what?". Future enhancements will include the ability to store the recipe itself, print it etc.

 The program is based on the Java2 platform (version 1.4). This makes it platform independent - you could run it on every platform that supports Java. In the future, this program might utilize some form of database for storing the indices. This database will be a pure-Java database (possibly a native XML database), but will require special installation. This database will, of course, be of the open-source kind, probably another project form

 RecipeIndexer uses the Kunststoff Look&Feel. The jar is contained in the distribution zips, and the home page is If you want to use the default (Metal) Look&Feel simply delete the kunststoff.jar file from the path.

The current release is in a pre-beta stage, version 0.59. See the milestones page for more info.









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