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Project Progress and Milestones

 Following is a list of version history and future milestones. You can get a good idea of the stages of the application development: what features were implemented first and what to expect in upcoming versions.

 The current release is versioned 0.59. New versions will be announced in the home page and in the SourceForge project page. The timetable for the releases depends on how much time I have on weekends to work on them... :-)


Project Milestones:

  1. Version 0.1 - done.
    Implement basic GUI main view: table and menus.

  1. Version 0.2 - done.
    Implement basic file parser and initialize GUI with data.

  2. Version 0.3 - done.
    Check Hebrew (UTF-16).

  3. Version 0.4 - done.
    Implement filtering and sorting.

  4. Version 0.5 - done
    Implement recipe index insertion/deletion/modification.

  5. Version 0.6 - in progress
    Implement dictionary.

  6. Version 0.7
    Use dictionary in search/filter.

  7. Version 0.8
    Implement multiple index-files handling.

  8. Version 0.9
    Implement Recipe Viewer (for full recipes).

  9. Version 1.0
    Fully functional Recipe indexer.
    Implement WebStart? Build an .exe installer?

  10. Version 1.2
    Test with large recipe-index and dictionary files and implement multi-threading / optimise memory handling if needed.

  11. Version 1.5
    Implement indexing/export mechanism (generate an index-file for all recipes).

  12. Version 2.0
    Change file format from proprietary to XML.
    Implement type-safety on Cuisine, Type etc.?
    Change underlying data model to external database (XML:DB or ODBMS).










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